Asterix On Multiple Systems

I work as system admin and would like to know if we could run Asterisk on multiple systems.We currently use Asterisk on a P4 with 1 gig ram.Os is fedora.
Is it possible asterisk to run in tandem in multiple systems.

what are you trying to accomplish?
are you trying to have fault tolerance (ie one server fails… another automatically takes over) or just trying to have multiple servers that intercommunicate together.


multiple servers that intercommunicate together

thats what I want to know. I work in a call center and like to see if I could decrease the call wait time for each Caller. I tried increasing number of calls dailled but there was not much difference. And I would also like to know whats the best codec to use.We have 512KBps line and 12 guys currently dialling to USA. We use Eyebam as soft phone.The codec order we use cuurently is GSM, g711ulaw,alaw and g729.
There is also lot 's of voice break at peak times.