Asterix and Intel Boards

Hi, I’m new to this, but i have seen some Intel DMN160TEC and DMT160TEC boards, apparently they are capable of up to 16 spans or 480 ports.
The cards have both T1 and E1 support, and can run multiple ISDN protocls or CAS protocols simultaneously, i also read that the so-called “Business edtion” of asterisk has added support for intel boards, but i couldn’t find WHICH boards it added support for, and i’d rather not buy a $1k OS if i can help it, as the cards are going to set me back quite a bit on their own.
My end implementation will support close to 450 phones(with a possibility of another 50-100 later on)

Dream System:
12U CompactPCI Chassis
2 x CompactPCI CPU Cards(bout 2.0GHZ each)(these are supposed to be able to access the cards as though they were regular pci)
2(possibly 3) x DMN160TEC or DMT160TEC

I am open to suggestions for Digium hardware, as long as i am able to have MANY ports in my system, as i still have to achieve 450 lines/ports…
Although, this will only be the total number of internal extensions, perhaps a better number would be for half that, 225 in/out lines… as not everyone will be on the phone at once.(hotel situation)

What are the maximum lines for Digium cards? i see 4 ports, is that 4 lines?(Like i say, a total newbie)

I can’t really answer your questions, but you’re going to need to do a lot of reading if you’ve got any hope of getting a system like that up and running. Start with this book: … +Telephony

It’s free for downloading, but as you’re using it for a commercial purpose, it would be a good idea to buy a copy and support the author and publisher and help ensure the next edition can come out.

You’ll find a vast amount of documentation on this site:

including, probably, answers to your questions.

Alrighty, i’m taking a peek at the book right now,…

Ok, a simpler question then :smiley:

How many outbound(FXO) lines can the best Digium card provide?
I am not interested in providing FXS support, as we will transfer the entire hotel to IP phones

Not so Simple at best you could use a 4 port T1 card and and 4 channel banks and get 96 FXO ports but you caould put multiple cards in the same box but the big question will be how many simultaneous calls you plan on having and will the computer be able to handel it

Ok, thats getting better :smiley:

So, if i understand this correctly, you connect each port from a digium card to a channel bank and that will add 24 FXO ports to the Asterisk box?

And your question, i would expect a PEAK usage of between 200-250 lines at any one time…
I would split the load over multiple servers, and of course they would be high powered(maybe 3.0GHZ and up, with 1.5GB ram each…)
Because i might setup asterisk so that when the load(on the FXO ports) on one server is getting high pass the traffic off to another SIP provider(being my second box), um, am i thinking along the right track? is this possible?

I never setup anyhting up that large but from my understanding you really need to know several things to make it all work this link to the wiki should help … mensioning

Well, i’m gonna keep being a newbie here, but can you recommend a channel bank that would work with a digium card?

Is it easy enough to configure asterisk to work with a channel bank?

And correct me if i’m wrong:
a T1/E1 connection(24 channels) goes to the Channel Bank
1 connection goes from the channel bank to a single port on a digium card,
This 1 port, now has 24 channels associated with it?

(Ps I’ve looked at the options, and what i’m doing seems possible, with 3 Decent servers, 12 channel banks, and 3 x Digium boards, and quite a bit of software config to get em linked :smiley: This will give me 288 calls which is ample)

Ok, i’ve seen that channel banks can easily connect and show up in asterisk.
so the Channel bank takes the external T1, and splits it up internally, and feeds it into the Asterisk box how?
If you have any diagrams, that’d be great…
The links you have sent are very useful, but i’m still not getting/understanding all the information i need.

All of my phones are going to be VOIP, all over the LAN through the Asterisk box
All i require is access to the outside world.

I use the adtran 750 it can work several ways The channel bank has a T1 port on it and a amphenol 50 pin connector that you connect to a punch down block via a 25 pair cable. On My asterisk box I have a digium 4 port T1 card One port connexts to the pstn via a PRI the next port connects to a Paging terminal Via a T1 the other 2 ports Connect to adtran Channel banks via T1 crossover cabels One Bank is all FXS ports in it these connect to Sayson ADSI phones in our offices the other channel bank is split with 12 fxo ports and 12 fxs ports The fxs goes to phones the fxo went to pots lines we used until we got out PRI in and all the numbers ported to it

Oh Ok, sounds pretty good.
Um, i found out yesterday that i cant even get a T1 line here in New Zealand.
So i have to stick with PRI…
Sorry Bout that…
How is the PRI treating you? easy config, high reliability?

Mine works great connects directly into the T1 card. The PRI should allow asterisk to work better because it uses 1 channel for all the call setup and teardown info where as a T1 it would be sent on the individual channel. More info on the 2 terms here