AsteriskNOW VM UI missing SIP configuration button

Hi Guy’s,

Im new to Asterisk so i downloaded the ISO and built a “Other Linux” based VMware virtual machine with it, all I really need is a basic IP PABX with some SIP trunks to test our SIP Gateway with.

Everything with the install went fine and I can log in and manage / configure the pabx, but in the UI I cannot see the SIP configuration button (I downloaded a userguide from one of the forum sites) and in their screen shots the have other buttons that I dont’ :frowning: I have AsteriskNOW, i also read the orielly book on sip and this mentioned sip.conf file do i need to manually configure this first?

Is this a problem with my VM configuration?, I now see that the linux code for the AsteriskNOW is Linux 2.6 kernel, but would not expect this to affect the UI.


Andy Gravett