Asterisknow-version rpm over writes issues

is there a way of preventing the asterisknow-version package from over writing the issues file?

I wouldn’t bother installing it at all accept it shows as a dependency for upgrading the other asterisk packages.


Who can I request this package not be a dependency?


I have reported this on the bug tracker as a request for improvement.

The issue is

Note that the summary line is inadequate, although that will probably get fixed if it is accepted. Also it is not major, as it does not cause problems for most users (it is rare for anyone to correct this)

Most importantly though, unless there are special rules for AsteriskNOW, feature requests will not be accepted without a supporting patch.

(Although it is extremely unclear to me what the real complaint is, my guess it is a configuration file that has not been tagged as such, rather than a package dependency that should not be present.)

There are three issues.

  1. asterisknow-version overwrites the issues file making it impossible to use the issues file for your own purpose
  2. asterisk core has a dependency on asterisknow-version meaning you can not elect to uninstall asterisknow-version if you would like to use yum to update your installation of asterisk. Unless you ignore dependencies but that may impact other RPM packages required for the correct function of asterisk
  3. what if you would like to use your own repositories and use yum to update your installation. Perhaps this is less of an issue as the asterisknow-version repos installed are not enabled by default.

I do not see a configuration file for asterisknow-version.

It would solve all my issues if it simply was no longer a dependency. It’s not required for the function of asterisk in any way, it is just trying to ensure users update their repo’s to the latest file structure although the repos it installed are disabled which to my mind makes the package pointless.

I appreciate there are thousands of asterisk installations out there which are on older versions and may have redundant repo’s installed but would you really recommend using yum to update an asterisk 1.8 installation to asterisk 13?? to prevent you from breaking your production system with a single command I would have thought it made more seance to exclude asterisknow-version

Does anyone agree?

Can we please retire asterisknow-version?

This package is totally useless and has an impact on those who wish to use yum to keep their installations up to date.

As far as I can see there is no reason to have a dependency for those users who have upgraded their systems to version 10 and above.

New downloads no longer point at the older things, and it’s been that way for quite some time. We’re retiring it by removing accessibility.

Thanks for the reply. Does this mean asterisknow-version is also being retired?