AsteriskNOW SS7

I am trying to find out if AsteriskNOW supports SS7. When I go into the CLi SS7 does not show up.

Negative. If you’re using chan_ss7 or libss7, you’re rolling your own installation of Asterisk.

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Hey malcolmd are you sure? Is this documented. I have a co-worker saying he installed libss7 on an AsteriskNOW box.

They very well could have because Asterisk supports it. What is being said is that there is nothing in the AsteriskNOW (or FreePBX) releases to support managing/configuring SS7 via the GUI.

So you could install it on AsteriskNOW but you would have to bypass the GUI to configure everything and update dialplan, etc to use the SS7 apps/functions/whatnot in order to use it in anyway.