AsteriskNOW setup help

I’m looking to use AsteriskNOW to create a phone system for my small virtual business (no office currently) We have 5 employees with HTC EVO cell phones.

Right now I just need to setup the system to create a single phone number people can call and have extensions to the individual cell phones as well as a phone tree that will lead to those extensions or to voicemail boxes. In the future I want to be able to (when we get an office) setup call following and/or simultaneous ringing with an office phone and the cell phone.

I’m also interested in voice mail delivery in mp3 or text form, or integration with unified messaging (i’m using exchange 2010 for the business)

At this point I’m thinking we are going to get 3 trunks, I could use advice on where to buy trunks. can I get 2 unlimited trunks and buy the 3rd trunk on a per minute plan?

If you can point me in the right direction on any of this please do. Advice, links to tutorials, tales of woe, etc.

Thank You all for your help

IS there really no one out there that can give me some advice, or point me to a useful tutorial? what is the best way to educate my self on this?

Have you tried the AsteriskNow forum?

MP3 is an inefficient format for delivering telephone quality speech and will be relatively difficult to set up.