AsteriskNow apparently not installed

Following the AsteriskNow installation documentation, which seems to be outdated, I ran the installation, reboot the machine.

It asks for login, I enter root and the password I selected at installation, I’m logged in.

Now what? There is no screen as shown that says “AsteriskNow” and the IP address of the box as the installation docs show. When I browse to the IP address of the newly installed server, it says there is no server running at that IP.

So, it seems to me that there is some service that didn’t get started, the documentation needs to be updated, at least showing installation using Anaconda.

At this point I don’t appear to have anything more than what I would have gotten if I just installed CentOS myself. How do I get this thing working from here?

Check your /var/log/syslog and (if it exists) /var/log/asterisk/messages. Also check to see if asterisk is running. I don’t use AsteriskNow, but if it uses Apache, check to see if that’s running. You could also try starting asterisk from the command line “asterisk -cvvv” to see if it’s installed, but crashing for some reason.