Asterisknow and davo-332 FXO gateway

hi guys
I am asterisknow beginner user. I have some problems. I was downloaded asterisknow 1.5 iso image and intalled in my own pc. but i can’t configure my davo dv-332 FXO gateway device.
i have
asterisknow 1.5 ip-
davo dv-332 ip-
4 PSTN line 20 sip users (X-lite)
My aim was:
I have 20 sip users and they are call internal was good performance, but i can’t use external call(use davo gateway) to PSTN . I don’t know how to register FXO port in asterisknow
someone help me please!

We don’t know either, as this isn’t the Asterisk Now Forum!


I need more information please. if you don’t mind can you give me your YIM. my YIM is ulzii_mijs. my project will timeout soon. i need a specialists support. i have a teamviewer. i think my problem is easy for you. so plz help me

You are in the wrong forum. Please use the right forum, to which I gave you a link.

I don’t know what YIM is, but if it is Yahoo Instant Messaging, I wouldn’t be allowed to install a client for that in the office, even if I had the time.

thanks a lot :confused: