Asterisknow 3.0 configuration initial debug


I installed AsteriskNOW 2.0 and at the end of conventional installation I could make internal call using 3XC phone, now I have made ​​the same installation but using AsteriskNOW 3.0, and I noticed that the call success and as soon as I pick it cut. (we say that the signal passes but the voice packet does not pass).
Should I install something of special for the communication passes normaly? If YES what and how?
Ps: I am a new be in Asterisk

thank you

Not sure if this is your problem but check if “Allow video calls” is enabled in the 3cx phone. If you do not have video codec enabled on FreePBX then conventional calls will not work with this enabled on 3cx. At least that is what I found with Asterisk v1.11 and FreePBX v2.11. Not sure about other versions.

if you want to make video calls, you have to add videosupport and h264 in sip.conf.