Asterisk11.5.1+ooh323+spandsp+receivefax = Problem

My Enviroment:
faxphone(panasonic)----->OfficeATS_Samsung<------h323–>Asterisk----->Send mail with Received Fax
When was: Asterisk all this work Greate.
When create new server, with asterisk-11.5.1 - have a problem…
This is enviroment:
my os: opensuse12.3
spandsp: spandsp2-0.0.6pre21
download asterisk src 11.5.1
make menuselect
[] chan_ooh323
Resource modules
] res_fax
[*] res_fax_spandsp
make install
Asterisk Run and can call…

When create send fax - get this error:

-- Executing [0050@faxmenutest:9] Wait("OOH323/samsung-0", "1") in new stack -- Executing [0050@faxmenutest:10] ReceiveFAX("OOH323/samsung-0", "/var/spool/asterisk/fax/0081_for_0050_20130912_14h22m03s.tif") in new stack -- Channel 'OOH323/samsung-0' receiving FAX '/var/spool/asterisk/fax/0081_for_0050_20130912_14h22m03s.tif' [Sep 12 14:22:17] WARNING[8821][C-00000000]: res_fax.c:1669 receivefax_t38_init: channel 'OOH323/samsung-0' timed-out during the T.38 negotiation. [Sep 12 14:22:17] WARNING[8821][C-00000000]: res_fax.c:1722 receivefax_t38_init: Audio FAX not allowed on channel 'OOH323/samsung-0' and T.38 negotiation failed; aborting. [Sep 12 14:22:17] ERROR[8821][C-00000000]: res_fax.c:1927 receivefax_exec: error initializing channel 'OOH323/samsung-0' in T.38 mode == Spawn extension (faxmenutest, 0050, 10) exited non-zero on 'OOH323/samsung-0'

Please, help me.


Solved .
This was my mistake.

in the extensions.conf

After change to:

problem resolved.
Get info from: … AX_res_fax