Asterisk, x-lite & digital receptionist

hello again,
now i’m having trouble in recording the IVR message for my DR.
when i set up a new voice menu, the AMP prompts me for dialling *77 on X-Lite, i record succesfully the message (the recording is ok, or at least if i listen to it dialling *99 i can hear it) but when i dial from PSTN i can’t hear anything but a REALLY silent recording. am i wrong with some settings in the server? or is it a x-lite setup?

checking the audio setup control panel on windows xp doesn’t help, as all the sliders are at full 100%.

pardon me if i’m putting obvious questions but i could’nt find anything in the online docs

very thanks for the help


Is your asterisk properly picking up the line and going to the right extension context. Check your logs to be sure.


solved, it was a misconfiguration in my x-lite client.