Asterisk with Speakeasy VOIP?

Does anyone have experience with Asterisk on Speakeasy VOIP? A Call to their Tech support department said:


Yes. We have been using speakeasy for 2 years. They definitely have given us 99.9% uptime. I wish it was 99.99 to 99.999 (4 to 5 9’s), but so far Excellent service. Amazing voice quality (equal or better than PRI).

Last summer we figured out how to connect asterisk to Speakeasy. It wasn’t easy and they would not provide us help. They also gave us the same response as above.

The quality is excellent and the price is pretty decent. The only problems I have is we can’t set outbound CID. Also, they don’t allow you to just buy extra channels. To get more channels you need to buy more phone numbers.

We feel the pain of using a service that wasn’t meant to be used the way we are using it; ie… we are using them as a SIP trunk provider. I wish they would just offer SIP trunking.