Asterisk with Managed Hosting Provider

I have five employees located all around the country. I was thinking of configuring an Asterisk server with Rackspace (my managed hosting provider):

It’s my understanding that I would need the following:

  1. 5 VOIP telephones (or adapters)
  2. A Broadvoice account.

Is this accurate?

Do I need a separate BV account for each user? Are there any consultants experienced with setups similar to this?

It sounds like you have the hang of it. If you want your 5 users to make or receive PSTN calls, then BV or some other provider is what you’re looking for. If these five are just calling each other, then there is no need for anything besides the asterisk and the handsets/softphones.

You would need one BV account for each user that is going to be concurrently talking to the PSTN (five landline calls = five phone lines = five BV accounts). This is true for inbound or outbound calls.