Asterisk with LinkSys & SIPURA


A Question;

I have an Asterisk Configured for local extensions with X-Lite as well as with Tenor Quintum … If I dial from X-Lite to Quintum or vise versa … they are working perfectly;

I have also connected SIPURA and LinkSys but when i try to call from SIPURA or LINKSYS … on Quintum or X-Lite; no Voice can be heard on both sides… even if I dial from SIPURA to SIPURa … or LINKSYS to LINKSYS … no one can be heard… but phones connected to ATA rings.
same extensions when configured with Quintum or X-Lite … they work fine.

Any suggestion? or Recommendations?

Best Regards


This is a sample settings for my Linksys PAP2 connected to the same LAN as Asterisk server.


; pap2 line2
fullname = Master
secret = password
email =
cid_number = 11
zapchan =
context = longdistance
hasvoicemail = yes
hasdirectory = yes
hassip = yes
hasiax = no
hasmanager = no
mailbox = 11
hasagent = no
group =
host = dynamic
dtmfmode = rfc2833

So, nothing special in Asterisk config. It will be good if you will show us your Linksys settings - pages SIP and Line1 (Line2), Advanced View (!).

We have a simular setup and have not had any issues, are all the phones on the same network? It sounds as if ports might be getting blocked.