Asterisk with leased lines

I am a beginner user for asterisk.
I have a lesased line and I want to use Asterisk server as voice server.
so, what is the best hardware configuration (ie. the card to use for this application)?
What are the others informations that i must to provide to help me in my problem?

welcome! has all the information you would ever want.

I also suggest you read the book Asterisk: The Future of Telephony. It is available from O’Rilley or can be downloaded for free (creative commons license) at .

By leased line you mean analog, yes?
I suggest a Digium TDM400 series card, in whatever configuration you need. It will accept up to ports/modules, each module either being FXO (red module, connects to a phone LINE) or FXS (green module, connects to a PHONE and provides dialtone). You’d want at least one FXO module for your line.

If by leased line you mean T1/E1/J1 or any sort of PRI, you want a digium TE series, which are available in every configuration from single port to quad port with echo cancellation.