Asterisk with Full Duplex Voice Modem as FSX

I have an older modem, but it supports voice and is full duplex. Now this modem uses a Communications and Networking Riser on the motherboard.
Per the wiki these modem natively support AC97 signals.
When querying the modem with AT+FCLASS=? I get this in return: 0,1,8
Now my question is can I use this modem as an FSX card and then trunk my phone line over voip?
One thing to point out is that this modem does support FUll-Duplex without any gimmicks like routing the voice through the sound card.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Did you try using the search function on this forum ?

[quote=“thor”]Did you try using the search function on this forum ?

That forum post lead me to believe that the issue is inconclusive. David replies by saying that setup will greatly depend on the modem hardware and chip set, but then claims that support was removed by only stating a file was missing from Asterisk.

A direct answer would be much better.

I suspect no-one here uses voice modems with Asterisk, so answering your question would require researching change logs and/or the code itself. This is a peer support group. Generally that means you will only get definitive answers where people have direct experience or find the question interesting for other reasons.

I think it is not only me who has a problem with people trolling the forums with questions that could be solved with a $50 dollar hardware purchase :smiley: