Asterisk with Comcast VoIP

I’m totally new to the whole Asterisk deal. However I’m learning as I go along. I’m woundering if Asterisk would work with Comcast VoIP. I’m in MA, USA and I have Comcast. Comcast Broadband, Cable, and Digital phone (VoIP) I’m not sure if Comcast (VoIP) is the same as Vonage. I have two cable box running into my house. One is for my internet and the another one is an Aris cable box for my two phone line. I guess my question is will Asterisk work with Comcast digtal voice (VoIP) If anyone knows please let me know, Thanks.

I am new to using Asterisk as well and was wondering if anybody has setup asterisk and successfully used it with comcast voip.

If you are interested in Asterisk forget about Comcast, Vonage, RCN, and other such packaged VoIP services that will only provide their own ATA box to work with them. These companies do not provide you the configuration parameters to connect * to them and vice-versa so there is no need to waste anyone’s time looking into them. I will recommend , , and such companies that will give you the interconnection info for Asterisk.

Also one thing we should all be aware of is that all VoIP providers have it in their sneaky fineprints that any number originally given to you by them i.e. any number that was not originally transferred to them will not be released to you when you request to leave them for another company. So it might actually be a good idea to transfer any number into those companies for use so you can transfer them out when you need to.