Asterisk with Atlas Sound ZCM-V2+ - will pay for help

Hi there,

I am willing to paypal $100 to one who can help me getting the Atlas ZCM-V2+ to work with my Asterisk/Centos phone system.

The Atlas ZCM-V2+ is hooked up to Atlas AA240, TSD-HF11, and 14 AP-15T as part of the PA system. I am able to hook up my phone to the AA240 and play music.

ZCM-V2+ is there for 2 goals: 1) Anyone picking up the phone can dial a specific extension to use the PA system and 2) Anyone can use their cell phone to dial a phone number to use the PA system.

Since my phone guy recommended the Valcom and we got the Atlas, he is not helping us at all. He is willing to give us an extension but that is it. I have emailed Atlas (5) times with no response. Normally, they respond within 24 hours. I called and they said they will do further research and this was a week ago.

I do not know Asterisk/Centos. I know how to program IP…

Thanks for your help.