Asterisk will work using CAT.5e network structhure?

Hi! I have a client, he have a network using cable CAT.5e. The asterisk will work on it?

Depends on the channel drivers and hardware. POTS analogue telephony will work on that and much lower standard twisted pair structured wiring. I believe ISDN typically requires co-ax. VoIP will work over whatever your network card supports.

Asterisk, itself, is software, and cannot, therefore, directly use any form of wiring.

This is the wrong forum for support questions.

Hi, David.!

In my office, we had CAT.5e network structure and… sometimes the voice cut off…
Sometimes, you try to dial a station and it just says: Calling… but the called party do not ring… in other way, Was something like LAG.

Now, we have CAT.6 Network structure, and the same PBX, now we don’t have issues.

I know asterisk is a software, that’s OK. Bu i believe that asterisk do not run very wel in networks using CAT.5e.

Please, tell me about your experiencing installing asterisk… How was,etc,etc…

I recommend to you do a complete network scan with a “penta-scanner” before install asterisk in old office, that problems are common with bad patch cords and loops, as David says asterisk is software its like your windows machine cant connect to the lan because your cable or installation.