Asterisk will die when i send so much request in 5038 port

i write perl cgi run “meet me” with socket to 5038 port in local.

i run this cgi in my windows ie6.0 and press F5 to refresh never-ending. about 5seconds , asterisk run away from my memory.

my asterisk 1.2.6
my linux fedoracore 1 (custom kernel 2.4.32 with ztdummy).

does asterisk 5038 is brittle ??


Also problem.

random die…

well, given that there are many heavy-duty apps out there that use the manager functionality without reporting the failures you get, i would be looking at your hardware/installation/app first.

if you’re convinced it’s a bug, get over to and get it reported. but you’ll need more information than “random die” to be considered as serious i’m afraid.