[?] Asterisk VS TeleVantage


I saw a demo of a product called TeleVantage by Vertical Communications (www.vertical.com) and I loved it - it was awesome.

All of its functionality is done through a UI on your computer, there’s really no need to have a phone set that has any features. For example, you can transfer a call, put someone on hold, view a co-workers status and or connect to them, etc all through an intuitive UI. Most of the functionality was drop and drag easy. Very cool.

Problem is - it seems to be build and priced for bigger companies. Our clients are smaller but I still want to offer them advanced tools. IMO the day of controlling your phone via a panel located on the phone are near over (or should be).

Are there any packages out there that sit on top of asterisk to give it similar functionality? I don’t need near the functionality; I just want to get away from using traditional sophisticated phone mechanism and instead working with a UI from a PC. It would also be nice to be able to customize it and contribute to the source.

Thanks for any help