Asterisk Voicemail Channel Variable

Is there a way to SET ${VM_CATEGORY} to a custom value? I tried
exten => s,n,SET(VM(CATEGORY)=Support)
but that didn’t work

What output did you get on the console when you tried?

I don’t see a VM() function in ‘core show functions.’

Did you try setting it as a simple channel variable?

Hi sedwards, it showed on the console that VM is not a registered function. Maybe I asked the wrong question.
In MySQL voicemessages table I can see a column “category” when is NULL every time asterisk inserts a new row. My question I guess would be is, Is where a way for me to have asterisk insert a custom value in that column?

If you execute:

same = n,               set(VM_CATEGORY=Support)

Does it show up in the database?

If you enable the general query log, does the category show up in the insert statement?

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This worked
exten => s,n,SET(VM_CATEGORY=Support)
Again, Thanks @sedwards

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