Asterisk Voicemail callback

Just wanted to ask a quick one, I have a client using the BigMouth voice system, he is pleased with it and it has been running since the 90’s w/o issue. My concern is that the system will eventually quit and I was wondering if an Asterisk system could be a good replacement.

In general the BigMouth system runs after hours taking messages and giving users two options, the first is to leave a message which will be followed up on the next business day and the second is an emergency. In the emergency case the caller leaves a message, after they hang up BigMouth calls a preconfigured number (the tech on call that night) and plays a message “This is BigMouth” and then a tone, the tech then enters a code and can retrieve the emergency voicemail so they can then contact that person to address the issue (the business is refrigeration).

I think this is possible with Asterisk, at least I see where it can automatically call out but wasn’t sure if I could tie in the voicemail with that, thoughts?



Yes you can.
Before launching a voicemail in dialplan, you can play a message (using Read application) to confirm an emergency and take action depending on response.

–Satish Barot