Asterisk Voice Recognition Duplicate Names

We are running FreePBX w/ Lumenvox. We have two users with the same first name, Tom. How can we configure it so that if someone says No to the first Tom, it will then ask if they want the other Tom.

Does anyone have any idea how we could implement this?

Hi you need to have Tom Smith and Tom Jones. and on Tom has to be s submenu asking for teh full name.

This is how comercial platforms do this , We have rolled out Nuance platforms for 20000 plus users so you can imagine you will get lots of duplications, so you also use departments etc to drill down to get the user you want

You’ll need to write the grammar to enable multiple matches and return the extension and name matched for each:
#ABNF 1.0 UTF-8;
language en-US;
mode voice;
tag-format <semantics/1.0.2006>;

$x105 = {out=’’}
(Mike { out = ‘Mike’} [ Jones {out = ‘Mike Jones’ } ]) { out = ‘105|’ + out};

$x106 = {out=’’}
(Mike { out = ‘Mike’} [ Smith {out = ‘Mike Smith’ } ]) { out = ‘106|’ + out};

Then use an AGI program to step through the returned array and present the choices to the caller.