Asterisk / vicidial dropping multiple calls to agents

Hi I need, to know why my agents are getting two calls dropping in at once and/or why some calls they can not hung up a caller.

I have searched google and found no answers for this happening, and wondering if anyone else has seen this happen?


Have you spoken with the Vicidial people about it? You’re using that as an application on top of Asterisk, so they’ve probably got more information about how they’re trying to use Asterisk and whether their application will allow what you want.

We do have a very active support forum at the below address,

The usual reasons for the problems you mention are:

  • High load, you are running your system beyond it’s capacity
  • Poor Internet or network issues
  • You are using a very old version of Vicidial

I would suggest that you post on the Vicidial Forums linked above and we can help you further.

Thanks, Matt :smile: