Asterisk using Kinesis for Voicemail

I am just starting a project to implement an asterisk system. I need to know if it is possible to use an external system such as Kinesis for the primary voicemail services. The project is still early in implementation so I could rip and replace versions of asterisk or other dependencies to make this work. I have done quite a bit if searching and found nothing so far. Our current setup includes an asterisk system connected to a mitel 3300 via SIP trunking. The 3300 is connected to an SX2000 by local T1 and the Kinesis system is connected directly to the SX2000.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


What level of MSDN/DPNSS do you have on the SX2000 ? and how is the voicemail connected to the SX2000?

Does the voicemail work ok for the 3300 ?

In theory you should just need to forward the calls to the pilot number for the voicemail on the SX2000


Sorry for the delay on the response here. I finally got an answer to this question (sort of) I am told that we have voice 1 and 6 and that dpnss and msdn is “on there”. I am not a mitel administrator so not sure what to make of it.
Voicemail works great on the 3300. Also, I can dial the pilot number for kinesis from asterisk.

Thanks again,
Dave Baldwin

Kinesis is connected to the sx2000 using two 8-port digital cards in the kinesis server.