Asterisk User Location

If we have multiple Asterisk boxes for redundancy, and phone A registers with Asterisk A, and phone B registers with Asterisk B, what mechanisms exist for each of these users to be able to reach one another?

Each asterisk box only has one of the peers registered. As far as it’s concerned, the other doesn’t exist. The output of the ‘sip show peers’ command seems to be the database that Asterisk uses to locate a user by it’s IP address.

One Asterisk box will show:
*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status
3250072/3250072 (Unspecified) D 0 UNKNOWN
3250071/3250071 D 5060 OK (87 ms)
2 sip peers [1 online , 1 offline]

while the other shows:
*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status
3250072/3250072 D 5060 OK (86 ms)
3250071/3250071 (unspecified) D 5060 UNKNOWN
2 sip peers [2 online , 0 offline]

So, any ideas how to get around this?
Big problem!! Thanks.

An IAX trunk allow each user to call each other. How is this setup redundant? How does it terminate to the PSTN? True redundancy requires more than 2 boxes (IE: A mix of SER, Asterisk, MySQL, and multiple PSTN terminations).

It has more than 2 boxes. I kept the example simple. Oh, and you don’t need MySQL or any other database for redundancy.

Trunk? You mean PSTN trunk?

If I understood the issu properly, DUNDi is a way to provide a mechanism for resources to find each other across multiple Asterisk boxes. Of course you would need a global numbering plan across all systems.

You could also develop in such a way that the various dialing plans are aware of the resources on the other boxes.

Does DUNDi distribute user location information?

It’s not the dialling plan I’m worried about. It’s the location (ie the ‘Contact’ address) for different users on different Asterisk systems. I haven’t seen a mechanism for distributing registered users yet.