Asterisk use

Can I use Asterisk with a special telephonic line?
If yes what is the suitable card that I can use? I think that it is sangome.

What is a telephonic line?

What “special” line?

It is a telephonic line rent from telephonic operator.
It is the best solution to access to Internet for big companies.
In French: “Ligne spécialisée” or “Liaison spécialisée”.

I see. Well, the literal translation doesn’t mean anything in English! I can only guess it’s something like ISDN. You’ll need to find out the technical name for this type of connection, then it will be relatively easy to work out what card you need.

By the way, in English, nobody says “telephonic” lines - it’s “telephone lines”, or probably more commonly “phone lines”.

I don’t know exactly the technical name.
It isn’t ISDN.
I will try to find it.

I find it: it’s “Leased line”

Ah! That makes sense.

Yes, you can use a leased line with Asterisk - but what equipment you will need will depend partly on how you want to use it and partly how the line itself is configured by the phone company.

If you want to use it as a simple voice line with a normal phone on one end and Asterisk connected to the other, then you’ll probably want a Digium TDM400P. However, i’m not entirely sure if you’ll need an FXS module or an FXO module, although i would guess it would be an FXS. That may depend on how the phone company has got the line configured.

It could be possible to just use an ATA (analog telephony adapter) (see … e+Adapters ) - however, that would only work if the line is configured right.

If it’s copper all the way through, with no filters, and the other end of the line is quite close, it’s possible you could even run an ADSL connection over it and have multiple voice channels!