Asterisk Updates

Hey everyone, I’ve searched through the forums, and the Wiki and I can’t find the “simple” answer to what I’m looking for. I’m looking to make sure that our Asterisk systems are up to date for modules and system, I know how to make sure the OS is up to date, but everything that I find on this matter says I have to do a backup, install the latest version and restore the backup, is there a more simple way to accomplish the updates for asterisk? Thanks in advance for any assistance


If you had checked that carefully, you would have realised this was not a support forum.

When updating from the source version, and unless you are actually relying on bugs, you can generally update to a new minor version without disturbing the configuration files. For major versions, you must read UPGRADE.txt and review your configuration in the light of that.

I have no experience with any of the publicly available packages, but correctly constructed RPMs would not replace configuration files that had been modified, but would rather add a .new version of the file. I can’t guarantee that RPM files have been designed properly.