Asterisk Unstable Under Routed-Network


I am running an asterisk-based VM, on XenServer machine. Before moving the VM to a new XenServer, everything was working fine, but after the move, I am running into registration and stability issues on my asterisk box with my trunks/peers, as well as calling audio problems etc.

Basically, in order to get more than 1 IP on my XenServer, my datacenter (hetzner) provides the additional IP subnet on the SAME physical network interface card (they route everything then based on the physical mac-address, even for the newly added subnet).

So following these instructions: I have managed to add my additional subnet, and then used each individual public ip on my Virtual Machines, asterisk being one of them.

Basically, as shown on above URL, the new subnet is added to the whole machine, using “net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1” in “/etc/sysctl.conf”. Then, the gateway for each IP in the new subnet, is the first IP in the subnet, and then through that, the network packets are routed toward the physical interface and out.

So as far as the network routing, it will be:

and all done using ip forwarding, or routed-network.

Now, back to asterisk:

Like I said, ever-since moved to the new xenserver, my peers keep going unreachable, and back reachable, lagged, and I am also noticing one-way audio problem, but randomly (which makes it even more difficult to resolve).

I really need to resolve this, as it is causing my problems.

I am running Asterisk 11.7.0, like i said, asterisk has public IP, routed through above scenario, all peers are from different parts of the world, my trunks and my extensions…

I have tried playing with qualify/qualifyfreq/keepalive, I cannot really say whether they have helped or not, but one thing I know for sure is that the issue is not resolved, and audio problem is still there.

I appreciate any help!

Guys I appreciate any feedback from the professionals. The issues mentioned here are damaging the entire work-flow and I really need to get them resolved.

Thank you!