Asterisk Tunnel Module (ATM), VoIP Tunnel

Hi all,

I have read about VoIPTunnel from VoIPSwitch. there is a guide configuration for Asterisk connect with VoIPSwitch over Tunnel. on that tutorial, we should instal Asterisk Tunnel Module (ATM) on Asterisk Server. so my question:

  1. Is there Asterisk Tunnel Module(ATM)? if so, how I can install it on my Asterisk server?
  2. How can I check that is ATM already install or not in my server? because I check, my server dont have /etc/asterisk/tunnel.conf and /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/tunnelmodule (perhaps for this, we should mkdir)
  3. Is there a way to install VoIPTunnel Server (from VoIPSwitch) on Asterisk VoIP Server?

Thanks before


Mizu voip tunnel server works fine with Asterisk:


Thank for your reply-Danny. Mizu VoIP tunnel is commercial, I will use Tunnel for my research not for commercial. and really costly for student ($ 1000). I really hope, There is VoIPTunnel opensource, so can help for research world.

I have VoIPTunnel Client and VoIPTunnel Server from VoIPSwitch, currently, I try to find the way how to Install it on VoIPServer (Asterisk) based on Centos 5.

I do need help, if somebody have experience, please share with me