Asterisk trixbox 2.2 can't dial out


seems made the mistake of moving from aah 2.4 to trixbox 2.2.
currently have an issue with being unable to make calls via pstn. can recieve calls no problem but get all circuits busy when i try outbound.

have ran debugger and looks like i get a CHANUNAVAIL error.

i can make outbound calls if i go to the panel and drag the trunk onto the extension.

any ideas how i should proceed.
dial plans are identical to how was set on aah 2.4

perhaps your zap channels got mixed up?

I am having all sorts of TB problems with intermittent in-out calls.

Some places I can’t register (revos/voiptalk) or call out.

I have had no luck with the forums as help seems scant, so if you figure this out maybe you can share?

I am loading a vmware version of *now and see if that is more production ready. Otherwise, maybe it is back to asterisk straight.

When you get a CHANUNAVAIL error. Sometimes TB does not even dial the number because the dial pattern is not correct. you must dial the international number by adding +44.

Look at the link below it should help.