Asterisk transcoding srtp to rtp


I would like to test below scenario and was wondering if asterisk can already do srtp to rtp transcoding?

webrtc------------asterisk-------(sip w/ rtp)------ sip end

Asterisk is a back to back user agent. That is what it does by default. I think it may be the only thing it can do.

I am so sorry… I don’t know what you mean by it’s b2b…

b2b is there to just hide the internal component but still should be able to do transcoding.
Or did you mean that it will do srtp to rtp by default?

A back to back user agent converts the media stream to an internal form and then back out. That internal stream is unencrypted.

(Asterisk has some optimisations if both sides are SIP, at least for non-encrypted connections, I don’t know if these extend to encrypted ones.)

I will test this out and update. Thank you!!