Asterisk to Cisco communication manager, multiple endponts

We are implementing new equipment into our environment that we need to tie into the existing Cisco Unified Communications Manger environment. We would like to have Asterisk register as 4 different endpoints to CUCM instead of using a sip trunk. Problem is that Cisco does not allow multiple registrations from the same IP unless the port is different (which requires Digest Authentication).

Does anyone know if this is possible, it seems whatever we do we cannot get Asterisk to authenticate to CUCM when Digest Authentication is setup on CUCM.

It will register without Digest Authentication which unfortunately won’t work since both registrations have to be on 5060 then.

Has anyone successfully done this, or is the only way via a SIP Trunk.


PJSIP allows to define multiple transport sections and that allows to bind endpoints to different ports. I can’t say anything about the Cisco side, but Asterisk should be capable of coping with multiple ports.

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