Asterisk + TAP (Telocator Alpha Numaric)

Hi All,

Does someone worked on Asterisk + TAP? Need to know how to integrate TAP with Asterisk. I also checked sendpage application (supports TAP) and need to know how can I integrate it with Asterisk. The version I’m using for asterisk is

Plz do let me know ASAP.

What level of programming skills do you have?

My Programing skills are in Perl.

You will need to use the System or AGI applications.

Can you plz give me an idea how does it work?

System works pretty much like system, with one argument, in Perl.

For AGI, see Chapter 9 of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony


I meant to say that will I’ll be using dahdi or using other data interfaces for TAP communication? Because for communicating with such paging devices we need modems for this scenario, is it true or not? And if I’m using T1 for voice, how can I reconfigure dahdi for data network?