Asterisk stopped working

A friend of my without much knowledge of computers, had Asterisk installed on a Linux PC. It worked well until recently when the PC was stopped by mistake. It will now not register with Callcentric. If using a phone, the registration is no problem, so it’s no problem at that end. Callcentric says that they see no attempt on registration from the unit. The sip.conf file seems to be OK and I can access the PC remotely, so the Internet connection must be OK.

Locally (internal calls), it works and also when dialling out using a local FIXED line.

I must admit that I have not much knowledge of what is required for the Asterisk to work over the Internet (register with Callcentric). The person that initially set up the system a few years back, is currently not available). So, can anyone give me some suggestions of what to look for? If something is required to look at locally, I must try to instruct someone, I can only access over the Internet.


Is the PC behind some home ROUTER/NAT device? Maybe the PC rebooted and received a new IP and the router device has a static port forwarding to a certain static IP.

Seems to be a problem with DNS. When trying to ping using name, no answer is received. When ping with IP, it works.