Asterisk Stop working

Hi all
Please Help
I change a pstn pci card with ISDN 4Bri Card
I update (Kernel , Asterisk , mISDN , Zaptel etc … )
After alot of work the cards and the calls ( incoming & outgoing ) work fine

When i recieve a call and i try to transfer the call anywhere the asterisk stop working !!!
The same when a fax is incoming the asterisk try to transfer the call to the FAX extension and then stop working .

Please Please Help!
Thanks in advance .

After alot of hours i work around i found that if i set an extension to record every call ( incoming and ougoing) , when a transfer take place from one extension to another the asterisk service stops .

If i put the recording option to [none] averything is OK

Anybody know what can i do about that please ?

OK this is wird , the whole story is this

I have setup trixbox 2.4 a mounth ago and now i put inside the system a new ISDN Card .
So i had to update evrything and already did ( misdn , asterisk -> , zaptel , gcc , freeBPX , everything )
I had alot of problems but solved after alot of work on settings .

Now everything works OK


When i set the Recording options in extensions properties in freePBX to -> Always for incoming calls , every time i transfer a call the people who picks up the ringing phone hears only a sec of the other guy and then the asterisk service restarts and of cource every other call stops .
If i dont thansfer any call all incoming and outgoing calls recorded OK from trixbos cdr.
If i set ONLY outgoing calls to be recorded everything and the transfers works OK and the recording is done , but not the incoming calls .

I want every call to be recorded .

With trixbox 2.4 all that worked .

Oh i forgot to say that this happends only in incoming and ougoing calls from ISDN Card via mISDN Driver
From PSTN Zaptel there is no problem with recording on any call

Can someone help here ?

Thanks in advance

Dear forum i think we have an Asterisk bug here .
There is another posts that says that asterisk dies when you transfer calls on internal phones that the recording is enabled always in incoming and outgoing traffic and that call is take place from mISDN Card.
So if there is someone here with the same problem or someone can test it on Trixbox 2.6 ( Asterisk + mISDN ) please report it or give some help here
See more posts here … ox-2-6-0-7

Thanks in advance.

Dear forum
In my last post nobody responds
I also post asterisk bug in Trixbox forum but nobody check my issue .
Is it possible some one to check this behavior of asterisk service or A@H so we get a conclusion .
See link below

Thanks in advance