Asterisk SMS with Shenou SOC-GSM Wireless Access System

Hello pal,

Is it possible sending/receiving SMS from Asterisk to Mobile phones?

I have Shenou SOC-GSM Wireless Access System it hase only 2 RJ11 port
one is for CO and the other one is for TEL ( i guess FXS) as indicated on its label.

If this GSM gateway(Shenou) could only be connected to Asteisk Server through FXS channel (TEL port ), Can i send and receive SMS with from ZAP channel?

here is my Diagram

Asterisk<–>TE110P<—>Rhino channel bank FXS channel<—>Shenou FXS<—>GSM network<—>Mobile phones

Is this correct?(im not sure in Rhino CB FXS and Shenou FXS connectivity)
With this setup i would like to send /receive SMS to/from asterisk and vice versa?

please help thanks

any ideas for today:)

how about for today?