Asterisk SIP Server

Hi Guys,

I am new to Asterisk. Just would like to know if I want to have a SIP Server, I just get ready a hardware server, install Linux and MySQL, and download and configure Asterisk 1.4 plus AsteriskNOW? Is that all?


not quite, AsteriskNOW is probably all you need to get you started. it’s a Linux distro and Asterisk 1.4, with GUI, all in one.

Does asterisk 1.4 support T.38 for fax?

yes, but only T.38 pass-through. is that what you want ?

Yes T.38 pass through for fax on asterisk is a dream come true

Thank you for the information.

I am trying to differentiate with my limited knowledge. Let me give you a scenario:

Let’s say I have Asterisk 1.4 in Malaysia mapped to Asterisk 1.4 in China. China DIDs are mapped to Asterisk 1.4 China via an E1 interface. Then the numbers are mapped to my Malaysian numbers.

With pass through capabilities, does that mean I can receive faxes sent to the china DIDs if i can map a softip to asterisk 1.4?