Asterisk show wrong password?

I have one problem . In my asterisk show notice code wrong password . i don’t know what that mean ? and how to do edit with error code here .

thank for all support

Wrong Password means wrong password someone is trying to authenticate to your server using a bad password. Fix it by using the correct one, if not yours then you are under attack.

thank for answer . will you recommend fix it ?

For the first possibility, configure the right password.

For the second possibility, improve your firewall.

This look more like the first possibility.

Also, please note that there is no “support team”, just other users.

I thank , it’s other ip attemption login because that is not my ip , will have solution block ip in iptables ?

You should block all IP’s that are not in an expected range. Whilst that looks like a misconfiguration, it does indicate that you are open to malicious attacks.

you will have solution ?

You should configure your firewall to allow traffic only from your trusted IPs. If you can’t do this somehow, then at least configure Fail2ban to block IPs trying such hack attempts.

–Satish Barot