Asterisk server input and redirecting to agents

Hi there,

I am running an asterisk server on Ubuntu and my agents will be under the same router joining the server with Xlite.

So we are trying to design the IVR like that, after the initial greeting, we want to know if the user has an invoice or not. If he presses and let us know that he has an invoice number, we tell him to put the 6 digit invoice number after the beep and pressing #. He inputs 6 digit number, presses the #. Then while waiting, we want show our agents on the laptop what the customer has entered.

For this situation, I want to know the best practices to do that. Do we need MySQL or other databases to store the data locally and then run a cron every 5-10 seconds for getting the data to another web app? Or as the user enters the data, we produce an API call to a server which will show the data in the web app? Can we show that with using just Xlite or any other softphones?

Also if you guys have any other easy to implement idea, please share.

Best practice would be to use AMI to get the information pushed.

But pushed to where? The agents should have a software/webpage to see the information needed, right? Or the softphone? Basically, we need to see something like that:

a call is coming from XXXXXXX number, with YYYYYY invoice on the user’s desktop, it can be on xlite softphone. If it is from xlite-softphone, then our lives will be easier.

Can you give a full flow of AMI information pushing?

It’s up to you to find or create the “where” and the rest. Asterisk just provides the information (you can connect to AMI using telnet and see the events yourself), the rest is up to something external. It’s possible someone here may provide some example code. Personally I don’t have anything.

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