Asterisk server doesn't pass the exact extention to callee

I have got a question about Asterisk.

For instance, I have a gateway with 2 physical ports registered with 2 different IAX accounts.

Let’s say 101 and 102.

Each port is connected to a traditional phone.

However, no matter which extension (101 or 102) I call, the one who rings is always 101 (the first port).

I can see the problem is the server does not pass the original callee’s extension to the callee.

Instead of passing ‘102’ to the callee, it passes the letter ‘s’. (Please refer to the Image files.)

Do you have any idea? Please help. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem. I need to know how to fix this myself.

Is it a router issue?

Please help.

What “image files”???

Are you settting the CID number? Asterisk can’t know what extension is calling unless you are.

It’s set in iax.conf in the section related to that phone. E.g.,

callerid="" <102>