Asterisk server as a pass-thru to another server


Simply put, I want to place an Asterisk system in between our AT&T router and our current Communications server and have it just handle blocking of phone numbers while passing everything else on to our Comm Server. Is this possible? Our current Comm Server already handles everything we need (and the company already had it in place before I started working here) but it does not have the ability to block phone numbers and our receptionist has been bugging me for the capability. I’m assuming it would be possible, but before I spent too much time digging through the documentation, I figured I’d ask first. I’m the sole I.T. employee for the company so my time is spread pretty thin.

I appreciate any info that can be provided,


In principle yes. How well this can be done depends on the channel technology used. If you use SIP on both sides, it can be done very well, although you should also consider a simple proxy. With SIP, the box will have to be both client and server.