Asterisk sends 180 Ringing twice to the SIP Trunk

I use FreePBX with Asterisk 13 for a call-centre. We had faced packet losses and distorted voice in calls after passing 30 users for a 60 channel Trunk. When contacted the Trunk Provider, they said that they always receive two 180 Ringings from our Server instead of one. When I checked the SIP Debugs, on the INVITE that the trunk provides, asterisk sends a 100 Trying and then a 180 Ringing… Now this call is directed to a local extension, and when the local extensions sends back a 180 Ringing, Asterisk then forwards that 180 Ringing back to the SIP Trunk. Effectively, 2 180 Ringings. They said this was what caused the issue, and I don’t understand how to block asterisk from sending two 180s. The sip debug of one whole call is attached. The extension is at and Server at local IPs. community-log-SIP.txt (103.0 KB)

Asterisk isn’t doing anything wrong, so the provider is broken, one way or another.

I cannot think of how sending redundant 180s would affect media quality. That sound much more like a lack of bamdwidth.

Note that n-channel trunks are as purely commercial construct. SIP has no concept of trunks at all.

Also note that you are using FreePBX. If there were something to do this, it would have to be done in a FreePBX compatible way, and we cannot advise on how to achieve that, even if it is possible.

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