Asterisk sending audio to carrier proxy, not media gateway

AsteriskNOW still has’s proxy IP as

The new proxy is (with and as the back up servers)

I need to change the proxy IP that I send calls to and also allow inbound calls from

I thought this would be as simple as changing the proxy IP in the providers.conf file, but when I do that, for whatever reason all outbound RTP media is sent to that address, regardless of what is listed in the SDP info of the INVITE or 200 OK received from the proxy

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Could I have possibly changed something else and not realized it?

I recently deleted the preset provider I had configured, and added a custom provider using the IP of their new proxy, and my Asterisk is still sending media to their proxy, it is completely ignoring the different IP address in the INVITE from their proxy.

So instead of sending audio to a carrier media gateway, I am sending audio to a proxy. What do I need to do to get my asterisk to pay attention to the SDP info in the invite instead of just shooting audio out to the proxy ip?

I apologize for repeatedly bumping this thread. That lets me know this is either in the wrong place, or it’s something so obvious that I should be able to figure it out on my own.

Anyone know the sip.conf/rtp.conf change to fix this? I looked but I can’t find this command anywhere:


Here is the trunk configuration in my users.conf file. Does anything look odd here?

trunkname=Custom -