Asterisk SDP Direction Parameter


How can I force Asterisk to drop any RTP packets going to the extension, until he will not get at least one RTP packet from that extension?

Let’s say Alice is calling Bob, so I want Asterisk to drop any RTP packets from Asterisk to Alice, until she will send the first RTP packet to the Asterisk. As far as I understand the ‘direction’ parameter in the SDP body should do that, but for some reason is not working in my case. I do have the following parameter in the INVITE coming from Alice, but seems that Asterisk is ignoring it.


Is there anything else to do to have this working?

Asterisk doesn’t support this “direction” parameter. There is no configuration option that I can think of or anything built in to behave as you want. People generally want media flowing as soon as possible.

@jcolp - yes, that’s right, but from our experience we met some devices (modem’s/firewall’s) which have such option like “UDP flood”, and if this option is enabled (which is by default unfortunately) - then the modem thinks that asterisk is doing an UDP ddos and is blocking him. The way we are fixing it now - is by disabling this on the customer modem (in case if he is reporting such issue), but sometimes the customer is not reporting about this issue and keep restart the modem - which is annoying, so I though maybe there is another option more universal to deal with such issues from the Asterisk side. Maybe you can think to add this option as optional through the configuration files for the next version?
Thank you

I don’t think it’d be something that we (Sangoma) would work on. If it were a contributed patch, then we’d certainly review it and look at inclusion.

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