Asterisk Ring Tones

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I am running Asterisk two x100p cards. I would like to change or modify my x100p’s to a shorter ring tone. i.e. When a caller is transferred to an extension, the ring tone will be shorter than the standard ring tone - more like a business PBX system.

I am using a Sipura 2100 to connect analog phones and I have changed the ring tone settings in the Sipura and if I make a call internally, i.e. from one extension to another, the ringtone is short. If I call in from outside, the ringtones generated are the standard long ringtones.

I have attempted to modify my /usr/src/zaptel/zonedata.c file with the new ring tone definition but it is still generating a long ring tone.

Does anyone know how I can accomplish changing my ring tones (played to external callers) to a shorter ringing???

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you answer, whatever it is, lies in the dialplan and not in the zaptel source. If the guy dials an internal extension, then the line has been answered and asterisk is sending audio to the caller. whatever he hears is not generated by zaptel, but by *.

I would think your solution will be something like this–

  1. set up in indications.conf an alternate ring cadance. Format is freq1+freq2/time,freq3+freq4/time. American/USA style ringing sound is 440+480 (440 and 480hz tones played together make the ring sound).
    ring = 440+480/2000,0/4000 is the default for USA. It plays the sound for 2000ms (2 seconds), then 0 (nothing) for 4 seconds. If you did something like:
    you might get a double-fast-ring

using Playtones() to play it (ie playtones(ring2))
then dial() w/out using m or r flags…