Asterisk Realtime

im trying to move over to Asterisk Realtime.
Everything so far is working great. When a SIP device logs in, the database is updated with the clients registration information.
i.e IP_Address.
But when the SIP device looses contact with the server the registration information remains.
I was hoping this information would get removed so I can create a website to show when clients are Online/Offline.
Can anyone help?


Is the device unregistering?

if the device un-registers it removes the data in question and i get the desired result.
If the device has network issues for example, the same information remains in the database.

I’d expect it to stay until the registration times out. Are you saying it stays even after the timeout?

it appears to stay for an extended period of time.
Do you know if its possible to adjust the timeout?
Since posting this, i have found the column lastms which reports a response time and when a peer becomes unavailable it reports -1.
This resolves my issue successfully.