Asterisk realtime database backend

Hello !
I’m using Asterisk 18, with sorcery for real time management of my endpoints via ARI.
Here is my configuration :


I want to use SQLite as database backend and I think I’ve two possibilities: use sqlite3 backend, or astdb backend.


ps_aors => sqlite3,asterisk
ps_auths => sqlite3,asterisk
ps_contacts = sqlite3,asterisk
ps_endpoints => sqlite3,asterisk


ps_aors => astdb,asterisk
ps_auths => astdb,asterisk
ps_contacts = astdb,asterisk
ps_endpoints => astdb,asterisk

When I create an object calling ARI push config, it works well with sqlite3 backend (unique object created, verified by pjsip show endpoints).
But with astdb, I’ve duplicated entries (with pjsip show endpoints I see two entries, ‘my_account’ and ‘my_account/unknown’).
I didn’t see any hints if astdb is usable with the realtime architecture, or if the dual entries are just a display bug ?
I’m lacking knowledge about this topic, what could be the pros/cons of using astdb vs sqlite3 with realtime ?

Any link over a documentation page or an explanation are very welcome, thank you !

if you want to use sqllite3, you should use it via ODBC
as that is much more used / test

Thank you for the feedback. Sqlite3 works like a charm out of the box, I don’t want, if possible, to install unixODBC on my server.
May I ask you if you known if the astdb backend could be used with realtime, and why have I duplicated entries when i want to pjsip show something ?

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