Asterisk realtime config confusion


I’ve just entered Asterisk world. I’ve reached Asterisk’s Realtime Architecture in my way of learning.

I would like to use MySQL for my config backend. I’ve read a lot of articles about this topic. some of them are mentioning settings in res_mysql.conf , while the others res_config_mysql.conf , some of the article are several years old and the others are new.

so what is the difference between the to config files. and for the same matter the difference between res_odbc.conf and res_config_odbc.conf ?

I’m using Asterisk 16 on Ubuntu 18.04

Thanks in Advance,

There is no such file as “res_mysql.conf”. There is a “res_config_mysql.conf” though.

There is also no “res_config_odbc.conf”. There is “res_odbc.conf”.

As for the difference - filenames only have meaning to the module itself really. “res_config_mysql.conf” configures the res_config_mysql module, and “res_odbc.conf” configures the res_odbc module.

If you are running into specific problems then it’s best to state what they are and such.

I have Asterisk realtime working with Ubuntu 18, I made an small guide you can use

Thank you for clarification @jcolp !
Thanks for the guide. much appreciated @ambiorixg12 !